Traffic & DWIs

If you are facing Traffic Court or a DWI charge, you may do well to hire a lawyer.

In Maryland, you can have an attorney appear on your behalf and handle your speeding ticket without being present yourself. This is also true for other non- jailable traffic tickets - so you don't need to take time off from work!

We can also provide you a perceived edge in court. A judge may view you differently because you have taken the effort to hire an attorney. It sends a message that you are serious about your situation.

You may also benefit because traffic attorneys know how to try cases and can look for technical defenses you may not know about. They know the law.

One final benefit of hiring an attorney to handle your traffic violation is that it can be less expensive in the long run when comparing the cost of an attorney to the potential increase in your insurance premiums, if you represent yourself and you don't win.